Merry Xmas and a Happy new Year from HOOBS

This year will end soon and we would like to give you a little summary of what we accomplished so far and a sneek peak of what is coming next year. We want to thank you for all your Support this year! We are proud to have such an large base of happy users of our software, sdcards and boxes.

Right now we have over 15k HOOBS users out there and the community is growing by about 100 users day by day. After starting on 26th of February 2019 releasing v1.0 image file, by one single guy called Bobby Slope, our Team grew fast and we are now a team of 5 Ovidiu Mija (Chief Development and Sales NA) Michael Kellsy ( Senior Developer of HOOBS 3) Ron Polenthon ( mobile Developer / Homemanager App) Cici Tran ( Customer Relations / Assembly) Bobby Slope ( CEO and Sales Europe). We also want to thank you for all the issue reports and feature requests. We will implement them step by step in the future updates.

We are also proud of the Community on Subreddit r/HOOBS and HOOBS Support Group on Facebook is growing as well, and users start to help each other. That was exactly the meaning of these platforms.

We now also have 9 HOOBS Certified Plugins, and more will come soon. We are looking back at the beginning of all this and its not yet a year since we started and HOOBS has already made a big impact on the DIY smart home world. Looking forward to 2020 there are so many things we’d like to integrate in order to give you more possibilities with HOOBS. Here are some that we’re really excited about:

HOOBS ID Registering your Device Automated Issue Report directly in the User interface Integrated Remote Support for HOOBS technicians. Community Remote Support

HOOBS+ Remote Access to HOOBS for all over the World Automations/ Timers/Sunrise/Sunset and Scenes directly in HOOBS (without 3rd Party like ATV) Video/Camera solution incl. Video Storage and Encoding for multiple Cameras with fast streaming

We want to say Thank You for all the Support this Year and looking towards an amazing 2020! We will try our best to keep offering timely support on all channels during Holidays. Have a good Time, merry Xmas and a happy new year!


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