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The customer promises to inspect delivered goods immediately on arrival to ensure that they are in order, complete and in perfect condition. Damage to delivered goods must be reported to hoobs.org as quickly as possible but within 5 calendar days of delivery at the latest. Otherwise it will be assumed that the delivery has been accepted by the customer. The products supplied are not certified for use with products of Apple Switzerland AG (Apple Switzerland SA, Apple Switzerland Ltd) or Apple Inc. (hereinafter Apple). Hoobs.ch assumes no liability for wrong use of delivered products in connection with products from Apple. A warranty for legal deficiencies is excluded. Compensation claims based on impossibility of performance, breach of contract, mistakes in making the contract or unlawful action are excluded unless deliberate or grossly negligent action is involved. Liability for indirect damage and consequent damage arising from use, through mistakes or loss of performance, is excluded. Warranty claims against hoobs.org may be made only by the immediate purchaser and are not assignable. The warranty period is 2 years from the date of registration of the product during installation (first use).

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