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The room layout screen is accessed from the accessories screen. This allows you to add, delete, edit and rearrange.

From the room layout you can.

  • Add and Remove rooms
  • Add and Remove accessories from rooms
  • Arange accessories in the rooms
  • Change accessory names
  • Hide accessories
  • Set favorite accessories for the dashboard

You can also hide and remove accessories from this screen. If you wish to add an accessory to the favorites tile. Click the Star in the actions toolbar.

To add an accessory to a room, click the Add Accessories button.

Note. This screen automatically saves as you make changes.

Add Rooms

To add a room, simply click the Add Room button. A blank room will show and be placed at the top of your room list.

All you need to do is to set the name, and position the room in the list.

Adding Accessories

To add an accessory click the Add Accessories button in any room. A list of accessories will show.

Unassigned and hidden accessories will show first in the list. Then all of the other accessories will show, seperated by room.

Once you are finished selecting accessories, click the Add button on the bottom of the list.

Yes, you can select an accessory in another room, this will move the accessory to the current room.

Removing Accessories

To remove an accessory from a room, all you need to do is click the Trash icon on the accessory you want to remove.

Removing Rooms

To delete a room, click on the Delete Room button. Then confirm that you want to Delete the room.

When you delete a room with accessories, those accessories become Unassigned.

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