HOOBS Homebridge out of the Box – version 2.0.0 out now!

Changelog Version 2.0.0

Supported Devices

  • Raspberry Pi 3 (WiFi or ethernet)
  • [New] Raspberry Pi 1 Model B (ethernet only)
  • [New] Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (ethernet only)
  • [New] Raspberry Pi Zero W (WiFi only)

Note: The first time you boot on a Raspberry Pi 1 or Zero W you will need to wait 3-5 minutes after connecting to the internet for Homebridge to start.

Networking / WiFi

  • Simple WiFi setup. If no network is detected HOOBS will create its own WiFi hotspot on compatible devices. Users can connect to the “HOOBS” WiFi Hotspot from their mobile device which will open a captive portal allowing the user to connect the Raspberry Pi to their own WiFi network.
  • This hotspot will not launch if the Raspberry Pi is already connected to WiFi or if the device is connected via an ethernet cable.
  • Once your Raspberry Pi is connected to the network you can browse to http://hoobs.local
  • [New] HOOBS is now discoverable in Windows under Network.

Operating System

  • Based on Raspbian Stretch Lite (2019-04-08)
  • SSH enabled by default
    • Username: hoobs
    • Password: hoobsadmin
  • [New] The hoobsuser now has all the permissions you would expect the piuser to have on Raspbian.
  • [New] The image will automatically expand to the full size of the SD card on first boot.
  • [New] The system time zone is automatically set based on your location (geoip).


  • Node.js
    • [New] HOOBS now uses the current LTS version of Node.js.
    • [New] Users can run hoobs-updatevia the terminal to update to the latest LTS. This command will also rebuild any plugins that need rebuilding.
  • Homebridge
    • [New] Using systemd to manage the process
    • [New] Config is stored in /var/lib/homebridge
  • Homebridge Config UI X
    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin
    • [New] Using the official unmodified version of homebridge-config-ui-x.
    • [New] Homebridge Config UI X now runs in standalone mode. This means if Homebridge is crashing due to a bad config you can still view the logs and correct the issue via the web interface.
    • [New] Web based terminal enabled so you can manage every aspect of your device from a web browser.
    • [New] The developer of the Homebridge Config UI X plugin, @oznu, is working with HOOBS to ensure the best user experience.

Build / Image

  • [New] Image creation source code is available at https://github.com/hoobs-org/rpi-image. Pull requests and community contributions are welcome.
  • [New] Images are built on Travis CI and the build logs are publicly available here. The resulting image is published as a GitHub release asset.
  • [New] Image download size is now ~420MB (down from 1GB)
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