HOOBS – HomeBridge Out Of the Box (review)

homekitnews.com – Simon Bramley

To take things a step further, there’s a company called HOOBS (an acronym of HomeBridge Out Of the Box) that takes HomeBridge and adds a user-friendly UI, making things a little easier to navigate, set devices up, or maintaining these devices that connect to HomeKit via the interface. What makes HOOBS slightly different yet again, is that not only do they offer the software, but they also sell an SD Card with HOOBS already pre-installed, so you can simply add it to a stock Raspberry Pi. They even offer a complete ‘Out of the Box’ solution – a custom mini server (a Raspberry Pi inside), with HOOBS installed, along with all the relevant cables etc. In the case of today’s review, we’re looking at this latter solution.

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