Certified Plugins

Hello Community, we are working on the Plugin certifications and we like to know which Plugins you are using right now, and you didn’t had any issue with installation and configuration.

– Please vote or add to the poll for Plugins that works.

– Post comment for Plugins you like to see certified and you had issues with installing or configuration.

eg. “homebridge-pluginname: manual config needed”

Thanks for sharing this information, this help us making HOOBS even better and userfriendlier for all

Take me to the Poll : here

#stayhome and #getsmart


We noticed an increase in demand for our products and support recently, as many of you are stuck at home or self isolating. We want to encourage people to stay home and work on their home automation which is why we are providing a discount for the time being. Rest assured that all of our team members are currently working from home. We have added multiple shipping locations around the world and we are working closely with shipping carriers to ensure delivery all over the world.

#stayhome #getsmart

Let’s build a community driven Knowledge Base

Hello HOOBS community let’s build a community driven Knowledge Base for installing and config plugins the right way. Anyone running HOOBS is warmly welcome to contribute and share their knowledge to the community on how to get plugins run properly.

Here is the Knowledge Base and when u scroll down on the Knowledge Base you will find the submission form: https://hoobs.org/knowledgebase/ Let’s build an amazing community driven knowledge base to help the community and all homebridge users.

Merry Xmas and a Happy new Year from HOOBS

This year will end soon and we would like to give you a little summary of what we accomplished so far and a sneek peak of what is coming next year. We want to thank you for all your Support this year! We are proud to have such an large base of happy users of our software, sdcards and boxes.

Right now we have over 15k HOOBS users out there and the community is growing by about 100 users day by day. After starting on 26th of February 2019 releasing v1.0 image file, by one single guy called Bobby Slope, our Team grew fast and we are now a team of 5 Ovidiu Mija (Chief Development and Sales NA) Michael Kellsy ( Senior Developer of HOOBS 3) Ron Polenthon ( mobile Developer / Homemanager App) Cici Tran ( Customer Relations / Assembly) Bobby Slope ( CEO and Sales Europe). We also want to thank you for all the issue reports and feature requests. We will implement them step by step in the future updates.

We are also proud of the Community on Subreddit r/HOOBS and HOOBS Support Group on Facebook is growing as well, and users start to help each other. That was exactly the meaning of these platforms.

We now also have 9 HOOBS Certified Plugins, and more will come soon. We are looking back at the beginning of all this and its not yet a year since we started and HOOBS has already made a big impact on the DIY smart home world. Looking forward to 2020 there are so many things we’d like to integrate in order to give you more possibilities with HOOBS. Here are some that we’re really excited about:

HOOBS ID Registering your Device Automated Issue Report directly in the User interface Integrated Remote Support for HOOBS technicians. Community Remote Support

HOOBS+ Remote Access to HOOBS for all over the World Automations/ Timers/Sunrise/Sunset and Scenes directly in HOOBS (without 3rd Party like ATV) Video/Camera solution incl. Video Storage and Encoding for multiple Cameras with fast streaming

We want to say Thank You for all the Support this Year and looking towards an amazing 2020! We will try our best to keep offering timely support on all channels during Holidays. Have a good Time, merry Xmas and a happy new year!


Introducing HOOBS 3


  • New User Interface
  • Redesigned Accessory Controls
  • System Backup Including Plugins#
  • System Restore with Plugins
  • Encrypted Backup Files
  • Factory Reset
  • Build-in Weather Forecasts
  • Guided Configuration with Validation
  • Nice new Themes
  • Less JSON Editing
  • Remote Support with HOOBS Cockpit
  • Increase Allowed Accessories
  • Performance Optimisations

All information about HOOBS 3 and how to upgrade now on https://hoobs.org

HOOBS V3.0.0 Beta Release

We are ready to test the Beta for HOOBS v3 (Homebridge out of the Box Version 3.0.0)

If you want to take part in the beta testing of Version 3.0.0 you can install it or make an upgrade following the instructions here: WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SDCARD AND/OR AT LEAST YOUR CONFIG FILE WE GRANT NO WARRANTY THAT YOUR SETUP WORKS PERFECTLY AFTER UPGRADE / MIGRATION – ITS A BETA!




Enhancements of Version 3.0.0 Beta:

HOOBS Setup / Update and Migration Assistant

Plugin for HOOBS v2.1.1 to upgrade to HOOBS Version 3.0.0 Beta

Search for Plugin: Homebridge to Hoobs Migration Utility


Upgrade your HOOBS directly with the HOOBS Upgrade Utility for Homebridge

Easy Upgrade from any HOOBS Version (without reflashing SD and no HomeKit reset) v1.0/v1.0/v2.0.0/v2.1.0/v2.1.1

Easy Migration from any existing Homebridge Setup (without reflashing SD and no HomeKit reset)

incl. Plugins and Config



Complete UI redesign, entirely recoded in vueJS and Node

UI Responsive (Mobile / Tablet / Desktop)

Advanced Homebridge controlls: Start, Stop and Restart, Help link, Resetting, Clearing Cache.

Welcome Dashboard incl. Actual Weather information, Weather forecast, Favorite Accessories,

System Health (CPU/RAM/MEMORY) with Detection of Hardware and OS that HOOBS is running on)


HOOBS Certified Plugins

Search of Certified Plugins / Non Certified Installation also Possible (for the Tinkerers)

Seamless integration of Plugin Installation / Config process without JSON Editing

NPM Namespace @HOOBS/[plugin] for certified Plugins (all Plugins Dev can use this as soon as their Plugin works with HOOBS Automated Config)


Certified Plugins comes with V3.0.0 Beta

@HOOBS/Wink https://github.com/hoobs-org/homebridge-wink/blob/master/README.md

@HOOBS/Nest https://github.com/hoobs-org/homebridge-nest

@HOOBS/Chamberlain https://github.com/hoobs-org/homebridge-chamberlain/blob/master/README.md

@HOOBS/Google Home https://github.com/hoobs-org/homebridge-google/blob/master/README.md


Issue Reporting for Beta Testers directly on Github: https://github.com/hoobs-org/HOOBS/issues

Thank you for helping us make the Homebridge experience better, day by day.

Plugin developers

To get more information on how to get your plugin HOOBS certified, please

contact us via email at [email protected]

HOOBS is now fully compatible with Homemanager App (iOS)

All HOOBS Versions v2.0.0 and newer are fully compatible with the brand-new released configuration app called Homemanager for Homebridge

More information about Homemanager App on their website: http://homemanager-app.de

Available for iOS on Apple Appstore

Homemanager App is developed and distributed by @rpolenthon


Translate for HOOBS version 3.0.0

Hello together we need some help in translation of the new HOOBS version coming.
If you like to Help us translating Please send us an Email with subject: Translation, your Language, Your name to [email protected] and we invite you to the translation system.

Thank you so much for your help!


HOOBS SDCard Image Updated to v2.1.1

The HOOBS – Homebridge out of the Box IMG-File got updated to the newest Raspbian Buster Lite version.


[New] Based on Raspbian Buster Lite (2019-07-10)

If you have HOOBS installed already, you don’t need to Update.

This Update is only for new Users of the Free SD Card Image.

Updates for existing Users will be displayed at the UI itself. You don’t have to reflash your SD Card and Install everything from scratch

You can Download the SD Card Image on https://hoobs.org


HOOBS and Homemanager App

A lot has changed in the past few months. HOOBS, the open source, plug and play solution for homebridge has started shipping the long awaited HOOBS in a box, the hardware solution for complete beginner hobbyists to manage their smart homes.

We undertake new challenges daily to bring you a more user friendly solution to automate and manage your smart homes. With over 2,000 downloads as of today, we’d like to thank you for your immense support and address the great number of requests for a better way to install and manage homebridge plugins. You spoke and we listened.

Today, we are pleased to announce our collaboration with the Homemanager team behind to ever growing Homemanager native iOS app for homebridge management. The Homemanager App allows you to manage your homebridge system(s) easily with a graphical user interface, directly on your iOS device. Their beta has seen a great success with more than 450 official testers whose voices have all been heard through the surveys. Users running HOOBS v2 or higher can add their system to the Homemanager app starting today. If you’re not already a beta tester, you can become one here https://testflight.apple.com/join/kIf9T328

As per the most popular request, we have launched a joint mission to improve the plugin installation and configuration process. Our goal is to deliver an easy to use graphical interface in both the Homemanager app, as well as the HOOBS UI, which allows you to configure the most popular plugins without having to write your own JSON configuration, and in some cases have it done automatically for you. This is no easy task, as every plugin will have to be handled individually. For that reason, we will begin with the most demanded plugins. You can help us curate the plugin list by answering our surveys on r/homebridge or you can email us at [email protected] You can also reach us on r/hoobs and Facebook-Page or Facebook-Group and of course on www.hoobs.org

Plugin developers, we’d first like to thank you for all of your great work of bringing new devices into the homebridge ecosystem. You are without a doubt the pillars of this community. We’d like to call upon you to help us with the above task. Please release an update to your plugins at your earliest convenience with support for the config.schema.json. When registering your platform with homebridge, please set the 4th parameter to ‘true’. This will tell homebridge to load the plugin without requiring a config but it can still accept a config if defined. Please refer to the following list of plugins for examples on how this is done or contact us at [email protected] for support. When you implement this feature, please let us know and we will add your plugin to the curated list.